Connecting the dots…

In the midst of finals, I have connected the dots. I don’t know why I have not seen until now. On the other hand, sometimes all it takes is some time to marinate before it hits you… Here is what I am talking about…

My research interest (at least over the last 12 months) has been heavily focused on team learning, communication, and collaboration in work environments; how they affect clinical and organizational outcomes; how psychological safety and group composition comes into play. From a management or leadership perspective, knowledge about how people learn (individually and collaboratively), how learning can be motivated, initiated, and improved, and optimized is a crucial tool to enhance performance.

So, while I have been relating our class discussions and materials to the classroom environment only, I may well extend them to inform my research. This is a neat little epiphany for me that made me realize (once again) how everything is related and connected.

Go beyond what you (think you) know and expand your horizon.


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